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Manufacturer & Exporter of Hygienic & Ultra High Purity Electro Polished & Mechanical Polished Stainless Steel Tubes.

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rensa TUBES
rensa TUBES manufactures hygienic and ultra high purity tubes. rensa TUBES are made extremely smooth and crevice free which is achieved by various grits Mechanical Polishing and Electro Polishing. We give special attention to achieve maximum smoothness on inner and outer surfaces of the tubes in order to avoid all possible corrosions and to prevent contamination. Smooth surface ensure better flow and inner surfaces can be cleaned easily so as to maintain hygienic conditions
rensa TUBES product meets all standards in ASME BPE - SFT1 & SFT4, 3A, ASTM A270 S2, ISO, BS 4825, ISO 2037 and. The quality processes at rensa TUBES exceed all the requirements of the standards to which the products are to be manufactured. We ensure that our products are of highest quality and competitively priced. rensa TUBES has a devoted team of professionals, constantly developing new and innovative products for the market.

rensa TUBES serve customers in various industries like Semiconductors, Bio-Tech, Pharmaceuticals, Pharma Machinery, Water Treatment Plants, Food, Dairy & Dairy Products and Beverage Industries.

our strength

Fully Automated European Tube Production Line with Inline Bright Annealing and Inline Eddy current testing.
In House facility for Electro Polishing & Mechanical Polishing for both Inside & outside Tube surface.
rensa TUBES are manufactured with Environmental Friendly Technology
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our products


3A Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubes


ASME BPE Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubes


ISO/SMS Stainless
Steel Sanitary Tubes


BS 4825 Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubes